Viper Poly-Plush Entrance Mats


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Viper Polytuft mats are a great economical option for any indoor entrance, to keep dirt and excessive moisture out of the building. The mats also ideal for creating a walkway in the building, effectively keeping the surrounding floors clean and safe.

The relatively low pile height of these mats prevents them from being an obstacle to any foot or wheeled traffic.

The leveled cut pile allows for high degree of absorption, as well as effective hiding for dirt and debris. PVC Backing allows for extra support and decreases the movement of the mat to provide prevention against slip and fall injuries.


Level cut pile

Fiber Content


Pile Weight

510 g/m² (15 oz/yd²)

Total Weight

2.98 kg/m² (0.61 lb/ft²)


Pvc Vinyl


3.42 kg/m² (0.70 lb/ft²)


3', 4', or 6'

Roll Length



  • Ideal for store fronts, office entrances and most medium to low traffic covered areas.

Perfect for use at the following:

  • Hospital
  • Apartment Building
  • Stores
  • Offices
    Viper Poly-Plush Entrance Mats
    Viper Poly-Plush Entrance Mats
    Viper Poly-Plush Entrance Mats