Floor Defender Splash Mats


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Splash mats are an absolute necessity at any public washroom. These maintenance free restroom mats last up to a month and keep your washroom safe, dry and odor free.

Designed specifically to eliminate puddling under urinals, Splash Mats prevent the build up of mildew, rot and other hazardous material. The unique 21” x 20” size offers the largest coverage in the industry for maximum coverage.

Not only are they the largest, the Splash mats also contain the highest content of anti-microbial and silver content for superior odor control.

The blended charcoal color surface fibers (100% recycled material) resist staining, provide ultimate absorption and are quick drying for optimal performance.

Many urinal mats can fold in and create a non ideal spot under the urinal, Splash Mats feature a latex rubber backing that will not fold and grips to the ground. The pebble design on the backing also allows for quicker evaporation for any moisture under the mat.

Material Antimicrobial polyester 
Backing Latex rubber
Pattern Random pattern
Construction Cut loop
Thickness 1/4"
Pile weight 12 Oz/SqZd
Colors Charcoal
Total weight Contour: 7.1 oz; Rectangle: 8 oz
Trafic Level Application Replace
Heavy Traffic: 400+ per day Airports, Casinos, Bars, Theaters, Fast Food Chains Every 7 Days
Medium Traffic: 200+ per day Restaurants, Hotels, Clinics, Hospitals, Schools Replace Every 2-4 Weeks
Light Traffic: 50+ per Day Ofices, Stores, Medical Offices Replace Every Month
Floor Defender Splash Mats
Floor Defender Splash Mats
Floor Defender Splash Mats
Floor Defender Splash Mats