Floor Defender Garage Containment Mats


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Snow, Mud, Grease, and other Chemicals that your car brings in to the garage and spills on your floors can slowly damage the floors over time, create serious safety hazards and damage valuables and boxes stored nearby.

The Floor Defender Garage Containment Mats provide a simple and elegant solution to these problems.

Unlike many other products on the market, the Floor Defender Garage Containment Mats can be deployed in a matter of minutes, and start catching all kinds of mud, dirt, and chemicals under your car or truck. Just roll out and the product is ready for use.

The built in 1 3/16” ethofoam edge barrier retains its shape over time and keeps all kinds of dirt and chemicals contained on the mat, off the floors, and away from your walls and valuables.

The floor defender has a smooth surface on both sides and some wrinkles are natural, especailly in the first few weeks of deployment. If you are looking for a product with fewer wrinkles, please see the Floor Defender Pro - Garage Containment Mats. The pro version features a Tatami Grain Pattern on the back side that allows the fabric to lay flatter with fewer wrinkles.

These features also make it very easy to clean, simply drag the mat outside with all its contents and hose down. In a matter of minutes, the mat is ready to be redeployed and used all over again.

  • Mat Size: Car (7' 9" x 18'), Truck (8' x 21')
  • Edge thickness: 1.18”
  • Color: Concrete Gray
  • Weight: 31 LBS / 37 LBS / 42 LBS
  • Fabric: 27 OZ
  • Vinyl Coated Polyester
  • One Piece Construction
  • Built in Ethofoam barrier
  • No Assembly Required!!
  • Heat Sealed Seams to ensure a long life span
  • Car size holds up to 62 Gallons of liquid, while the Truck size mats hold up to 70 gallons
  • Durable 27oz Vinyl
  • Reduces slipping hazards
  • Protects your garage floor and keeps it clean
  • Save time and money on cleaning costs
  • Easy to deploy, use, and store

Floor Defender Garage Containment Mats are constructed with 27oz anti-skid nylon.  The 1 3/16” raised ethofoam barrier effectively prevents any liquid from getting out, without damaging vehicle tires.

The UV coated anti-skid vinyl and ethofoam barrier make these containment mats 100% waterproof and perfect for any environment ranging between -40 degrees to +40 degrees celcius.

Floor Defender Garage Containment Mats
Floor Defender Garage Containment Mats
Floor Defender Garage Containment Mats
Floor Defender Garage Containment Mats