Dura Flex Drain Through Mats


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In commercial kitchens and other food service areas, slippery floors, standing water and other liquids pose a huge risk to customers and employees alike. These hazards can easily lead to accidents that can lead to serious injuries and even death in some cases.

Dura Flex Drain Through Rubber Mats are the ideal solution for commercial kitchens and food service areas, working towards protecting both customers and employees from accidents and injuries by keeping wet and high-traffic areas dry and by providing additional slip resistance and traction in problem spots.

Theses drainage kitchen mats are made out of natural rubber that does not absorb water and makes it perfect for deployment in wet areas. The holes in the mat also allow water and debris to fall through, which keeps the surface clean, dry, and safe.

Material Rubber
Backing None
Pattern Perforated 
Construction Molded construction
Thickness 12mm (~1/2")
Weight 1.4 lbs/sq ft
Color Black
Edging 3' x 3' & 3' x 30' - None, 3' x 5' - Beveled
  • Ideal for use in kitchens and wet environments.

Perfect for use at the following:

  • Warehouses
  • Garages
  • Workstations
  • Labs
  • Kitchens
Dura Flex Drain Through Mats
Dura Flex Drain Through Mats
Dura Flex Drain Through Mats
Dura Flex Drain Through Mats